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Company History

2022   In April 2022, 65% shares of SAUTER ASIA will be officially repurchased
became a 100% sole proprietorship company of GP MACHINERY, and continued to maintain a good cooperative relationship with German SAUTER
2021   In 2021 builds new factory and expands assembly line in Taiping District, Taichung.
2019   In 2019 cooperated with Italian IMAtecno Group to obtain Taiwan agency rights
Develop Taiwan's high-end special material processing market.
2018   In 2018 cooperated with Italian SCM Group Hiteco to obtain agency rights in Taiwan
Open up Taiwan's woodworking and composite materials market
2015   In 2015 builds the GP factory and expanded its own processing line in Taichung Wuri District.
2008   Joint venture with German SAUTER, technology transferred to Taiwan to produce servo turret
Established SAUTER International Co., Ltd. (German SAUTER 65% / GP MACHINERY 35%)
2005   In 2005 builds new factory in Taichung Huanzhong Road to expands the assembly line.
2000   Set up sales and service bases in China, and set up bases in Shanghai and Shenyang.
1998   Cooperated with Italian Peron to produce high-speed engraving spindle in Taiwan
And set up SPM own brand.
1988   Company establishment registration
Main business items: German Sauter turret, Italian Peron spindle, chuck and other accessories agency.